Riley's Wish: "I Wish to go to Armageddon in Auckland!"

Riley, 11-years-old

Riley2Armageddon Expo is loved by thousands of kids every year, but none of them have ever had the experience that 11-year-old Riley had at the Auckland Armageddon 2016 event. One of the biggest events at Armageddon is the cosplay competition, so of course we made sure that Riley was dressed the part in his very own custom-made Joker outfit.

Riley1As he should be, Riley was treated in true VIP fashion and entered Armageddon two hours before the public with his very own entourage of cosplayers from EB Games New Zealand. Escorted around all the stalls, meeting his favourite movie characters, trying out the new games and being gifted all sorts of awesome presents, this was an incredible day for Riley.

Riley’s amazing one true wish was topped off by him being a finalist in the cosplay competition and coming first equal in the ice cream eating competition. That smile? Bigger than the actual Joker's smile we think!


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