Nikau Wish Delivery

Nikau's Wish: "I wish for a pug puppy!"

Nikau, 10-years-old, Germinioma Tumour

Nikau loves pugs because they are small, cute and super funny. As a wish ‘’anticipation,’’ Nikau had nine pugs visit him at home and he said it was the happiest day of his life. Afterwards, Nikau was completely set on having a pug of his own. Nikau's wish

His pug, 'Sir Pugsley', formally known as Mr Puggleworth, was originally bred to be a show puppy and therefore, was brought up to Auckland to be a part of the National Dog Show. For the wish delivery, we invited Nikau and his family to go along and observe Sir Pugsley competing in the pug class. Little did Nikau know, that after the pug competition finished, he was to be called into the ring to meet Sir Pugsley and learn the exciting news that this little puppy was his! 

You can view Nikau's wish video on youtube!


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