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Jack's Wish: "I wish for an adventure that reminds me of Steve Irwin"

Jack is living with Hypopituitarism/Non Germinous Germ Cell Tumor. He is an adventurous soul and has grown being a huge fan of animal/outdoors admirer/crocodile hunter Steve Irwin. 

Not surprisingly, Jack's wish was to do something that emulated the passion that the now deceased crocodile hunter Irwin embodied.   

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His wish was to enjoy the spectacular Aussie wildlife at Australia Zoo and Sea World. Regrettably both experiences were interrupted due to severe weather with hail stones and lightning strikes. 
Despite the terrible weather Jack did still have the opportunity to swim with seals at Underwater World and dolphins too. 

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Due to his wish be hampered by the unfortunate weather conditions, Make-A-Wish NZ arranged for Jack to go on a spectacular scenic helicopter flight. Christchurch turned on perfect sunny weather for the flight.

It turned out to be an amazing double-dip wish for Jack!

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