Emily's Wish: "I wish to meet Justin Bieber!"

Emily, who has Left Thalamic Tumour Obstructive Hydrocephalus, told us that her Super-Duper hero is Dr. Scotter in Starship Hospital. However as much as she adores him, her one true wish was to see Justin Bieber in concert!

When Justin Bieber’s concert finally rolled around, it was the beginning of the ‘best day of her life!’ Arriving at Mount Smart Stadium in the yellow Hummerzine, which was blasting Bieber songs the whole way, Emily was the superstar. Fifty thousand fans screamed for joy alongside Emily and her family when Justin Bieber made his appearance. We aren’t sure who was screaming louder, Emily or her dad Aaron!


The whole family adores Bieber because he has impacted their lives in such a powerful way during Emily’s journey. As you can imagine excitement levels were high when it was time to go back stage to meet Justin. Justin walked straight off stage directly into the meet and greet room on his own with no entourage and Emily immediately ran and got some quality cuddles. Justin was absolutely wonderful, chatting and laughing with Emily while she talked. Emily told us that this is something she will remember forever. 



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