Danielle's Wish: "I wish to have a bunny rabbit"

Danielle, 7 years old, Liver transplant

When the wish fairies visited an excited Danielle, they knew her wish would be wonderfully delightful, her very own bunny rabbit. Her wish had to include, a two storeyed hutch with ladder and tunnel, green and red accessories as well as a bunny party to welcome her new best friend to the family!

The wish fairies searched high and low to find Danielle the perfect bunny best friend and matching accessories. Once ‘’Fluffy Bum’’ had been chosen and his hutch had been assembled, the wish fairies returned to Danielle’s home to deliver her wish.


Fluffy Bum and Danielle instantly bonded, both hopping around the back yard in joy, and of course, once Fluffy Bum had settled into his new home, it was time for his “Welcome to the Family” bunny party! Friends joined Danielle and Fluffy Bum to celebrate with all sorts of bunny themed games – The Bunny Sack Race, Pin the Tail on the Bunny, and of course, loads of bunny themed treats!

After having her Liver transplant, Danielle is now able to care for Fluffy Bum. Spending more and more time outdoors with her best friend and learning all the different ways to take care of Fluffy Bum, Danielle’s wish has impacted not only her, but her entire family, including Jack, the family cat, who now has a very suspicious watchful eye over him at all times!


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