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Peyton's wish: "I wish for a Kettwiesel trike"

Getting out and about isn't as easy as it should be for 8-year-old Peyton, that's why she wished for a Kettwiesel trike, to help her be mobile and active with her family. She had to wait for her trike to arrive from overseas, but it was well worth the wait.

Peyton is thought to have Neurological Global Developmental Delay which, as her mother Terri described, means: "she is basically a 10-month-old in an 8-year-old's body." 

"Peyton's walking isn't great but we get out and about a lot. The only way to get her out, without her pram is on a bike."

The trike is designed so that the front wheel can be taken off and the trike fastened to another vehicle so Peyton can 'piggy-back' and get an assisted ride if she needs.

It will make a huge difference to family outings Terri says: "We have never been able to go out as a (entire) family on bike rides but now we can."

Many thanks to: K D Kirkby Trust and Bay of Plenty Community Legacy Fund for their financial contributions that enabled this wish to happen.

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